What Is MMS? What Is SMS? Which One Should You Use?



Do you know if you own a business, you have two primary options to contact your customers? You cannot even WhatsApp, call them, but the best way is to text them. It saves your time and effort to explain to your customers about the products or anything else. If you compare SMS, it is a short message service that will not exceed the character above 160.


In that limit, you cannot explain to your customer what you are about to say. On the other hand, MMS stands for multimedia messaging service that is another variation that helps you insert pictures and audios with limitless wordings to have a good interaction with your customers. The voip mms is an incredible way to use for your business purpose, or you can even go-ahead to share information with your friends and other family members.


What is SMS?

SMS stands for short message service. It is an extensively popular way to readily send text from one phone to another. It can be sent from your mobile devices relatively. However, it is a cost-effective and straightforward way of doing messages. But it is not the same as the other applications like iMessage, WhatsApp, WeChat and more. Since all these things require Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection, on the other hand, SMS only require phone with extensions. And you are all ready to send bulk messages to people.


What is MMS?

MMS comes from SMS only by using WAP with it to embark on. But as the name itself suggests, that mms service has additional features that help you send text messages and include content such as pictures, audio, video files, and so on. Most of the devices can enable MMS that you can go it in your settings and make it. However, it does require a few pennies but will give you many advantages.


Which one should you use?

SMS and MMS are both ways to help you interact with others. A great way to show your presence, whether you are interacting with your family or taking use as a business purpose. Before selecting anyway, you should consider your objective. For example, the first thing is to consider your budget.


It is because SMS is a cheaper source as compared to MMS. Apart from it, whether you want your message to be informational or promotional? If it is informational, then SMS is suitable, and if it is professional, then MMS is better. Last but not the least, consider the length of your content. SMS has a limitation, but MMS doesnt have.


Wrapping up

From the above information, it can be judged that sms mms are entirely different from each other. However, MMS comes from SMS but is giving many additional features to customers or people. So if you are confused about which one you should go for, then it will be easy for you to come to a conclusion from the above information.